“Climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century… We call for a public health movement that frames the threat of climate change for humankind as a health issue”
The Lancet and University College London Commission on Managing the Health Effects of Climate Change, 2009

CEM is part of a global network called the Healthy Energy Initiative. In India, HEI aims to involve the community of medical professionals in the debate regarding choices of energy sources. Coal, nuclear, wind, solar and biomass are all electricity sources that have different implications on local and global health and climate change. Despite the prominent health ramifications, the community of health professionals is noticeably absent in policy debates. Neither does health feature as a factor influencing the choice of electricity sources.

HEI-India works with medical colleges, professional medical associations and health experts to underscore the importance of health impact analysis in decisions concerning India’s energy future.

For more information, visit the bog: http://www.healthyenergyinitiative.org/tag/india