The Other Media was established in 1992 as a Center for supporting people’s organisations and movements.

This included providing campaigns, advocacy, communications, research training, and scientific support to and mobilising solidarity for community struggles against social and environmental injustice. TOM also strives to bring together civil society groups on to common platforms on the basis of shared concerns for human rights, peace and justice including environmental rights.TOM expands democratic spaces such that the communities can themselves articulate their demands for rights and justice.

The Other Media has focused on a spectrum of social and environmental justice issues in India, including issues relating to the rights and well-being of indigenous people, fisherfolk, refugees and those fighting against environmental degradation.

The Other Media’s ongoing campaigns – 

  1. The Coastal Resource Centre which focuses on environmental justice issues relating to the coast, including fisher rights to coastal commons. This centre’s key campaigns include helping build a robust and environmentally protective and socially just regulation to protect the coast, and to help develop legal, technical and media related capacity among coastal communities.

  2. The Community Environmental Monitoring campaign of The Other Media works with communities in Cuddalore, Kodaikanal, Chattisgarh and other places and helps them develop and use environmental monitoring skills in their efforts to enforce environmental laws against polluting industries.

  3. Healthy energy Initiative Campaign on India’s Energy future and its implication on Local, Global Health and Climate change.

  4. The International campaign for Justice in Bhopal helps coordinate efforts by survivor groups to get justice for survivors of the 1984 Union Carbide gas disaster.