Past and continuing alliances

THE OTHER MEDIA has evolved mechanism in support of several campaigns of people’s organizations, movements and Civil Societies initiatives, for purposes of record we highlight some of the significant contributions that we have made in initiating and sustaining processes/ struggles. Our past and continuing alliances include the following organizations:

  • Permanent People’s Tribunal on industrial hazards and human rights with specific focus on Bhopal industrial disaster
  • Citizens Tribunal of Ayodhya which was constituted in response to the demolition of the Babri Masjid
  • Establishment of a loose knit forum of intellectuals, academics, activists, students, women’s groups etc., under the banner of solidarity Group in Support of The Restoration of the Civil and Democratic Rights in the North East
  • Establishment of Fact Finding Mission after 15 years of the Bhopal disaster
  • Coalition of civil liberty and human rights against POTO
  • Free speech campaign
  • Working with independent observers’ team to Jammu and Kashmir elections in 2002
  • Initiative in collaboration with National School of Drama, activists and students by organizing workshops to equip students with theatre skills especially on the theme of communal harmony.
  • Apart from the above, support has been provided to various struggles and issues which have emerged in the country due to the development process of the government. They would include support to Narmada Bachao Andolan, Koel Karo, Jan Sangathan, Bargi Dam, Subarna Rekha, Tehri, Bisalpur in Rajasthan (all hydel projects). Also have provided support to groups who are involved in issues of environmental destruction viz., mining projects, games sanctuary, missile test sights, national parks, big industrial complexes etc., in Adivasi/ Indigenous People’s areas.
  • Have also supported the campaign of Chattisgarh Mukti Morcha in Chattisgarh, Chilika Bachao Andolan in Orissa, National Centre for Labour of the unorganized, Construction Workers Union in the country, National Fish Workers’ struggle, struggle against closure leading to privatisation in Kolar Gold Fields . Committee for Initiative in Punjab (on disappearances), Citizens Initiative for Peace., Chipco Movemnt, World Forum for Fisher Peoples (WFFP).

Current alliances

  • Promoting a People’s Forum for Peace and Democracy in South Asia (PIPFPD)
  • Participating in Friends of Burma (FOB) and Burma Solidarity Group to respond to the needs of the Burmese refugees and their cause for freedom and democracy
  • Working with an independent Forum for Adivasi/ Indigene nous People’s in the sub-continent, under the banner of All India Coordinating Forum for Adivasi/ Indigenous people.

National campaign for the Repeal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act

  • Civil Society’s initiatives on Human Rights Justice and Naga Peace Process
  • Tie up with International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal(ICJB)
  • Bhopal group for Information and Action (BGIA)
  • Corporate Accountability Desk
  • SAHELI, Women’s Resource Centre
  • National Alliance for People’s Movement (NAPM)
  • Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR)
  • Association of Parents of Disappeared persons (APDP)
  • National trade Union of India (NTUI)

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