Eruption of Violence between Makhan villages & Maram Khullen circle villages


The United Naga Council is greatly disturbed by the violent exchange between Makhan villages and Maram Khullen Circle villages on the 24th June , 2014 arising out of dispute over land. The incident has resulted in injuries, damage to houses and deeply hurt sentiments. The two parties have been neighbours since so many years in peaceful co-existence and the highly vitiated situation in the area and among these Naga brothers has been very saddening.

We condemn any form of violence because it silences the voice of reason within society and within oneself. We appeal to the parties to allow good sense to prevail and for amicable settlement of the dispute through our customary laws.

The civil society, which upholds the unity and oneness of the people once again appeal to all concern to refrain from violence, use of weapons and indulging in self inflictions which reduces our hopes and aspirations as a people.

Publicity Wing
United Naga Council