Lenten Agreement


The United Naga Council welcome s the “Lenten Agreement” signed by three Naga Political Groups for the formation of one Naga National Agreement and the recognition of unity in the common purpose as a must to put in place our shared future. We acknowledge the courage and the vision of the Naga leaders in upholding the “Naga Concordant” and taking it forward towards realisation.

It is most befitting that in this Lenten season, the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation have found strong expression in the 28th March, 2014 “ Lenten Agreement” We also hail the open invitation to the other Naga political groups to be partners of this enlightened process. It is the ardent wish of the people that the Agreement will be translated into political reality at the earliest possible time. Edify

We also congratulate the Forum for Naga Reconciliation for facilitating the reconciliation process tirelessly and with undaunted hope. We pledge our continued support for the noble mission and undertake to extend our humble efforts where and when called for.

Publicity Wing
United Naga Council