In the era of neo liberal economic policies the old movements that emerged before the 1990s continue to thrive.  Some of them have been able to suit their strategies and tactics to the emerging nature of the state and its policies; some others have not.  New movements and organizations have also emerged in the last decade. Even while being embedded in the spirit of people’s resistance to repressive state policies these movements have tried contextualize their struggles around the roots of the conflict. Thus these new movements go beyond a mere clash over natural resources.

Rapidly expanding industry and mining have added further to the conflicts between the people and the state.  This has seen a period where there is a mushrooming of resistance movements across the country.  In this scenario of rapidly changing situation where movements and organizations have become numerous and scattered all across the country it is a challenge for The Other Media to keep abreast of these and develop strategies to work with them so that these movements become vehicles of a wider social change.  One of the serious concerns for The Other Media is the isolation in which each of these movements is functioning today.  They can become viable means for a wider social change only if there is an appreciation and exchange of experiences, ideas, and visions amongst people’s movements of different categories of the marginalized. 

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