Press Release on Resolution of Presidential Council


In the emergency Presidential Council meeting of the United Naga Council held on the 2nd August, 2014 a review of the highly vitiated situation arising out of the unprecedented militarization of Ukhrul town and Naga areas (announced decision) by the Government of Manipur(GoM) was taken up. The Council meeting strongly condemned the disruption of public life, social functions and religious programmes and creation of an environment where the safety and security of the citizens are exposed to all possible violence that could be ignited at the slightest unintended incident. The house was unanimous in the contention that the GoM, on the pretext of law and order, with its provocative presence, is trying to derail the Indo-Naga peace process which has been resumed with renewed vigour.

For the last 17 years of Indo-Naga ceasefire, there has been peace in Naga areas except for the GoM’s use of excessive violence on innocent students and public as exemplified by the 6th May, 2010 incident at Mao Gate. The military incursion in the Ukhrul instance, speaks volumes of the malafide intent of the GoM’s action. In sharp contrast, the Disturbed Area Act has been conveniently lifted from 7 Assembly segments of the four Imphal valley districts, where hundreds of innocent mainland Indian(non-Meiteis), mostly labourers and petty businessmen have been killed and maimed under the very nose of the Chief Minister O. Ibobi of Manipur. Bombings and shootings are routine there and even the Governor and Chief Minister’s official residence has been attacked several times.

It was resolved that on completion of the civil actions already put in place, democratic actions will be taken up in more intensive measures, should no interventions be forthcoming from the Government of India, whose bounden duties as the custodian of the Constitution is to guarantee the democratic rights of the people.

While moving forward to secure our political aspirations, the GoM may adopt various malicious means to suppress the people’s peaceful and democratic movement, till such time we are freed from the forced union. We therefore inform all the Tribe Hohos, Frontal Organizations and the Naga people in general to stand unitedly and be vigilant for effective response to any eventuality at this critical juncture.

Publicity Wing
United Naga Council