Press Statement of Further Civil Actions


Democratic civil actions have been taken up by the Naga people to demand for immediate intervention of the Government of India(GoI) with an alternative arrangement outside the communal Government of Manipur(GoM), pending settlement of the Indo-Naga issue as the militarization of Naga areas continues, particularly in Ukhrul, by the communal Government of Manipur(GoM), which has also launched an aggressive back door policy to usurp the land of the tribals through the New Land Use Policy of Manipur(2014), introduction of Village Development Committees, New Land Acquisition Bill and appointment of Revenue Tribunals. Mr. Ibobi, Chief Minister has also been maintaining that there are no Nagas nor does any land belong to the Nagas in Manipur.

To take forward the demand, after the completion of the 10 days ban on construction works on all National Projects at 6 AM of 11th August, 2014, it has been decided that the Naga people in present state of Manipur will not associate with the observation of the Independence Day organized by the district administrations under the aegis of the GoM. However there will be no restriction on observing of the Independence Day in the respective institutions/organizational jurisdictions.

All Tribe Hohos, Naga Frontal and Regional organizations will ensure that the above is effectively observed in their respective jurisdictions.

Publicity Wing
United Naga Council