Sambhavana Trust from Bhopal National Conference on Allopathy and Ayurveda

30 years have passed since the world’s worst industrial disaster struck in the heart of India. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy that has claimed the lives of more than 22,000 people to date and has left more than a 100,000 people injured and chronically ill in the aftermath of the leak of the lethal Methal Isocyanate (MIC) from Union Carbide’s pesticide manufacturing plant on the night of December 2, 1984. However, Bhopal is a continuing disaster in many ways, one of which is a prolonged consumption of drinking water contaminated by Union Carbide’s toxins as a result of dumping hazardous waste in the ground.

While, the survivors and activists continue their struggle for justice even after 3 decades, a relentless effort goes on in the background of treating the gas and water affected survivors at Sambhavna Clinic – a health care unit set up in the wake of the failed attempt of the Government to provide adequate health care to the gas victims despite spending millions of rupees on a speciality hospital. Founded and managed by Satinath Sarangi, a prominent activist and a leader of the campaign for justice in Bhopal, Sambhavna Clinic has given direct treatment to nearly 45000 patients to date and reached out to a similar number of people through its health initiatives with communities around the Union Carbide plant.

At Sambhavna, survivors are offered free medical care through allopathy, ayurveda (an indigenous system of medicine based on herbs) yoga,as well as through western medicines and is one of the few places in India where truly integrative health care delivery is practiced. Further, the medical research and documentation carried out on the basis of treatments and therapies offered to thousands of patients is a globally unique repository of knowledge with potentially huge contributions to medical and academic world. The work carried out by the Sambhavna Trust has shown that it is possible to evolve simple, safe, effective, ethical and participatory ways of treatment monitoring and research for the survivors of Bhopal.

In order to share this knowledge with the world, especially the medical fraternity, Dr. Jay and Dr. Roopa from Sambhavna Clinic would be participating in the National Conference on Allopathy and Ayurveda on 12th and 13th of December in Mysore, Karnataka, where a dedicated stall on the efforts of Sambhavna Clinic would also be on display along with a paper presentation. The estimated expenses towards participation, logistics and stall charges are around Rs. 42,000/-. We seek the support of individuals interested in supporting this important endeavor and the efforts of Sambhavna through financial contributions.

Kindly contribute towards this by making a financial contribution to ‘Sambhavna Trust Clinic’. The Sambhavna Trust does not accept funds from corporations, governments or large foundations and most of the funds come through individual donations. As a result of this policy there is always paucity of funds, hence this request.

You could transfer funds online to ‘Sambhavna Trust Clinic’ with your details clearly mentioned in the remarks column. Bank details are as follows:

ACCOUNT NO:10085216291

Alternatively, you may send a cheque / draft favoring ‘Sambhavna Trust Clinic’ to the following address.

Sambhavna Trust Clinic
Bafna Colony, Berasia Road, Bhopal – 462001
Contact phone no: 0755 – 2730914

Please send an e-mail to and mentioning details of your contributions so that we can track the funds raised towards this event. Please feel free to write back for any details required.

Thanks and with best regards

Rohit Shetti (Mysore) / Dr. Mrithunay (Bhopal)