Significant Media Attention around World Refugee Day


We are happy to report that refugees in India have received significant media attention around World Refugee Day. Two important ones which highlight some of the challenges of refugees vis-a-vis the legal framework were:

Some of the other media stories on refugees included

UNHCR India marked World Refugee Day 2014 with an exhibition of refugee photos by world renowned photographer Raghu Rai in India International Center, New Delhi.

In search of a home: Raghu Rai’s latest exhibition documents the lives of refugees living in India.

As the world marks Refugee Day Friday, India continues to provide shelter to refugees from several countries who lead a relatively peaceful life here compared to their troubled homelands which they fled, though many problems persist.

On IBN Lives’s CJ show, watch Bashir and Nur’s interview.

World Refugee Day Special: In Conversation With Somali Refugees In India.

A life with no identity.

Burmese refugees make fledgling attempts to adapt.

Getting an Indian passport is the only solution to the problems faced by all the Afghan refugees that began over two decades back when we migrated from our homeland in Afghanistan.

India mistakes Rohingyas for Bangladeshi immigrants and deports them.

For the children of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees getting access to higher education, especially professional courses, has been a struggle in Tamil Nadu.

Tibetans yearn for their homeland on World Refugee Day.