The 7th Tripartite Talks


The 7th tripartite talk of the Government of Manipur(GoM), Government of India(GoI) and the UNC on the demand for alternative arrangement outside the GoM was held at Senapati today and concluded on a positive note with an agreement to take the talk process towards political reality. In view of this positive outcome and as per the discussion with Tribe Presidents on conclusion of the talk, it has been decided that the line up of civil actions kept in abeyance has been shelved for the moment.

The UNC would like to acknowledge in particular the Naga Tribe Presidents, the public of Senapati town and surrounding villages and the pastors under Senapati Karong Area Baptist Union(SKABU) for their prayers and valuable support. We are also thankful for the overwhelming solidarity and participation of the people from all across which strengthens our movement for securing our political aspirations.

Publicity Wing
United Naga Council