Bhopal continues to be the worst industrial disaster.  It demonstrates the unwillingness of a major international corporate to own up the damage caused by its operations to human lives, livelihoods and the environment. The Indian and the state government of Madhya Pradesh and a host of other official agencies collude with this mutli-national company in this denial.

Even while those who were affected by the exposure to the deadly gas in 1984 continue to suffer without a proper medical treatment and rehabilitation of their lives, the problems of those affected by contaminated soil and water are mounting.  Tonnes  of toxic wastes lying inside the abandoned factory complex continue to pollute the soil and water in a large area around the factory.  The people affected by second generation impacts have never been considered as affected by the government or the courts.  Dow Chemical’s Chief, Warren Anderson, continues to be an absconder from law.  The affected have  received only piece meal treatment and rehabilitation with a result that even after 23 years they have not been able to restore the life they used to enjoy before the disaster. The government of India and the state government want to let Dow Chemicals off the hook with regard to the company’s responsibilities to clean up the toxic waste.

The Other Media being one of the constituents of International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB) has played an important role in supporting the movement of the survivors and remains committed to support the movement.

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