The Jiribam Situation


The United Naga Council strongly condemns the communal policy of the Government of Manipur for encroaching upon the land of the tribals and the Nagas by deploying communal forces and creating a highly communal situation in Jiribam. In spite of repeated public statements by tribal organisations demanding for intervention in the encroachment of Tamenglong district by the Meitei community of Jiribam Sub-Division under Imphal East District, the house of a tribal was burnt down after locking up the inmates from the outside and tribal students were assaulted on the 13th April, 2014 as a fallout of the encroachment agenda. The FIRs against the crimes naming the accused were registered on the night of 13th April, 2014 itself. But no arrest have been made till date and the explosive situation has been allowed to worsen without any action from the Government of Manipur. The law of the land has not been upheld and the criminals are at large continuing freely with their communal agenda.

The Nagas and tribals must therefore be in united readiness to protect and safeguard their traditional lands and boundaries from the aggressors who have been employing various policies and mechanism to encroach upon our lands.

We seek the immediate intervention of the Government of India for preventing the situation from spiralling out of hand. The Government of Manipur must be held responsible for any further communal flare up in the area as they have wilfully refrained from containing the situation.

Publicity Wing
United Naga Council