UNC Press Statement on Communal Tag


Nagas are not communal and the relentless efforts to malign the articulations of the Nagas for their rights as communal and hate inciting must be countered with adequate response.

On the 28th March, 2014, at the Congress party rally held at Wangjing, Thoubal which was addressed by the AICC Vice-President, Mr Rahul Gandhi, Mr Ibobi, CM of Manipur blamed the Nagas for the June 18th, 2001 death of 18 rioters and arsonists whom he glorified as martyrs. Citing this and the people’s movement for political empowerment, Mr Ibobi decreed that a Naga cannot be elected to the Parliament. He made this statement in the presence of Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the general public, legislators and Ministers of the State Government. He also made sure that no Naga was considered for the AICC ticket. The communal despise and loath that Mr Ibobi feels for Nagas and tribals is naked and blatant.

Mr Rio’s description of Mr Ibobi as Enemy No 1 of the Nagas, is not communal nor concocted but borne by facts. Where will Mr Ibobi hide the fact that he did not allow the Naga Negotiator, Mr Muivah to visit his native place. Instead, on 6th May, 2010 he killed two promising students at Mao gate and terrorised the Nagas and tribals by using his police commandos and IRBs all over the hill areas. It was his naked acts of hatred, where he abdicated his responsibilities as the Chief Minister of the entire state and acted as a Chief Minister of the dominant and communal elements that led to the declaration of the Naga people for the severance of ties with the Government of Manipur and demand an Alternative Arrangement outside the Government of Manipur.

Mr Ibobi objected to the launching of Manipur unit of the Naga Peoples’ Front, a political party registered with the Election Commission of India under Peoples’ Representation Act and to the visit of Mr Neiphiu Rio, a democratically elected Chief Minister of Nagaland to attend the same. A legitimate and constitutional act was opposed by Mr. Ibobi, Chief Minister Manipur hurting the sentiments of the people. There are many more equally communal actions of Mr Ibobi, which we have already brought into the public domain. Acts, laws, notifications, directive etc which are anti-tribals have been and are being imposed on the tribals and their land. Mr Ibobi has repeatedly threatened of “blood baths” and “civil wars” in his public statement to prevent Government of India from addressing the tribal situation in the state. The people of Thoubal and also of the Imphal valley at large must realise the fact that it is Mr Ibobi himself who created this situation of sharp social divide on communal lines and he has only himself to blame. Mr Ibobi seeks to hold on to his chair masquerading as the champion of the territorial integrity of Manipur when he is actually the disintegrating factor.

We also take this opportunity to appeal to the various armed groups to respect the wish of the people to have a representative in the parliament to be the voice of our rights and aspirations. It is our contention that the declaration of intent on this line was made after due process of consultation with the people and should be upheld and not undermined by narrow and sectarian considerations.

Publicity Wing
United Naga Council