Sangai Express Reportage


We strongly condemn the malicious report of the staff reporter under the caption “Reprisal for poll defeat UNC resolves to exact fine of Rs 1000” based on a “well placed source” but which was admittedly “not confirmed officially”. A serious allegation attributed to some fictitious source has been made to tarnish the image of the United Naga Council. The unfounded and baseless allegation has reportedly figured as the focus of the morning panel discussion on 7th July, 2014 in the All India Radio Imphal programme. Going against journalistic ethics, the Sangai Express has sensationalized a non- existent issue for reasons and consideration best known to them.

There are no resolutions whatsoever to impose any fine nor any written notices for fines issued against anyone in connection with the recent MP election. The concocted report is an insult to the Naga people.

The UNC is the apex tribe based civil organization of the Nagas in Manipur. It does not have any armed cadre nor do we advocate the use of any forces or violence. We work with the moral authority vested in us by the people.

We have no ill-feeling towards any individual or organization and our endeavor is to protect the political rights and interest and to safeguard the collective future of our people. The narrow and sectarian treachery of any individual or organizations cannot and will not supplant the political aspiration of the Naga people. The positions and decisions of the Naga people are informed and determined by this principle and by the merits of the issue.

The Sangai Express is hereby informed to immediately tender unconditional apology for the outrageous report. If the same is not forthcoming there will have no option but to file a defamation charge against it and to ban its circulation in all Naga areas.

Publicity Wing
United Naga Council