Use of Force on Naga Villages


The Presidential Council Meeting of the United Naga Council held on 3rd July 2014 condemned the use of force and violence on Naga villages of Khangshim and St. Paul’s School area in Chandel District by neighbouring Meitei community and also on Chingkham Rongmei village under Thoubal District by neighbouring Muslim community. The traditional boundaries of any village or community must be respected and the Nagas would stand by this principle. The Nagas believe in peaceful coexistence between neighbouring villages and communities, but will collectively respond to any form of aggression upon our land and people. In the event of outbreak of any violence in the future, the responsibility will solely lie with the organisations and JAC concerned.

The Council also takes strong exception to the attempt of the Government of Manipur(GoM)to illegally acquire 3000 acres of Thangbung Minou village land under border Pillar Nos. 74 & 76 on the pretext of development of a new township. In spite of public protests the GOM has been unrelenting in proceeding with the project. All efforts would be made to stop the arbitrary acquirement of land without the consent of the traditional land owners.

Publicity Wing
United Naga Council